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Yellowfin Tuna

Origin: Mauritius / Maldives / Sri Lanka / Ecuador / Vietnam

Thunnus albacares

Catch : Wild-caught

Harvest Method : Handlines / Longlines




Olivia Yellowfin Tuna is harvested fresh and immediately frozen at sea, ensuring optimal quality and freshness. It has a medium flavour with very firm texture.
All Natural, frozen at sea, IVP, IQF Yellowfin Tuna is available in variety of cuts and sizes.
Loins: 1-3, 3-5, 5-7 lb packed in 30/50 lb cases
Sandwich cut: 4, 5, 6 oz packed in 10/25 lb cases
Saku blocks: custom sizes with custom case sizes
Steaks: 4, 6, 8, 10 oz packed in 10/25 lb cases

  • Wild-Caught
  • Raw
  • Main Entrée
  • No Additives

Suggested Cooking

  • BROIL: 4 mins per side
  • BAKE: 15 mins / 204°C (400°F)
  • PAN-FRY: 2 mins per side on med-high heat

Chef Tips

Do not overcook. Leave the center of the loin pink (raw center).

Handling Instructions

Keep frozen until use. Thaw in refrigerator. Cook to an internal temperature of 72°C (160°F). Refrigerate leftovers. Always wash your hands before handling.