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Skillet Sole

Origin: Canada

Limanda aspera

Catch : Wild-caught

Harvest Method : Trawls (Bottom / Demersal Otter)


Sole fillet, toasted wheat crumbs with spice extractive, canola oil, water, modified corn starch, wheat flour, sugars (glucose solids, sugar), spices, garlic powder, salt, lemon juice concentrate, dehydrated tomato, vegetable oil (canola and/or sunflower), dehydrated parsley, flavour, yellow corn flour, sodium bicarbonate, guar gum.


Olivia Skillet Sole fillets are lightly breaded with lemon, pepper and herbs. Easy to prepare and serve on a salad, bed of seasoned rice or grilled vegetables.

  • Wild-Caught
  • Raw
  • Main Entrée
  • Organic

Suggested Cooking

  • PAN-FRY: In a frying pan, heat 1 tsp of vegetable oil over medium heat. Place frozen breaded fillets in a frying pan. Cook for 3-4 mins per side or until fish is cooked and seasoning is browned.
  • OVEN: Preheat oven to 220°C (425°F). Place frozen breaded fillets on a baking sheet. Cook on the middle rack of the oven for 14-16 min / turning halfway.
  • Let rest 1-2 min before serving.

Handling Instructions

Keep frozen until use. Thaw in refrigerator. Cook to an internal temperature of 72°C (160°F). Refrigerate leftovers. Always wash your hands before handling.


  • Fish
  • Wheat