Arctic Char

Olivia Arctic Char is farm-raised in cold Icelandic waters ensuring year round availability. It has a rich flavour profile somewhere between trout and salmon with beautiful pink moderately firm but fine flakes. The skin is thin and easy to crisp up adding a delicious texture to the rich flavour. Individually vacuum packed skin-on portions are…

Albacore Tuna

Albacore tuna has a mild flavour profile with firm flesh and large white flakes when cooked. Olivia Albacore Tuna are frozen at sea and individually vacuum packed. Best suited for grilling and searing applications.


Olivia farm-raised Tilapia have a sweet, mild taste and medium to firm white flakes when cooked. Each fillet is individually vacuum packed.

Organic Black Tiger Shrimp

Olivia Organic Black Tiger Shrimp are naturally raised and fed in the Mangrove Forest ecosystem of Southern Vietnam. Chemical, preservative, antibiotic and hormone free. Raw, deveined and shell-on. They have a firm texture with a mild flavour.

Atlantic Cod

Olivia Atlantic Cod Fillets are harvested fresh and immediately filleted and frozen at sea, ensuring optimal quality and freshness. They have a sweet flavour profile with large, tender white flakes when cooked.