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Origin: Canada / USA / Peru / China

Placopecten magellanicus

Catch : Wild-caught

Harvest Method : Dredges (Vessel towed)




Wild-caught Olivia Scallops when cooked are tender with a delicate sweet flavour. Available sizes range from U10 to 100/120 per pound.

  • Wild-Caught
  • Raw
  • Appetizer
  • Main Entrée
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • No Additives


Suggested Cooking

  • Defrost scallops in refrigerator.
  • Can be prepared in minutes using many cooking styles, including baking, broiling, grilling, sauteing and deep frying.
  • Scallops are fully cooked when the center is opaque in appearance.

Handling Instructions

Keep frozen until use. Thaw in refrigerator. Cook to an internal temperature of 72°C (160°F). Refrigerate leftovers. Always wash your hands before handling.