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Wild Caught

Wild Caught

IFC is North America's largest distributor of scampi tails

Scampi Tails

ICELANDIC SCAMPI TAILS • The sweet tasting meat and buttery flavour place these deep sea lobsters in a league of their own. Our premium Icelandic scampi are arguably the finest in the world, and sold to the most demanding customers in both foodservice and retail sectors.

CHINESE SCAMPI TAILS • Our more competitively priced Chinese scampi are more abundant in smaller size ranges, which allows for a wider acceptance in the traditional retail arena.
Icelandic Scampi Tails Chinese Scampi Tails
Scientific Name : Nephrops norvegicus
Country of Origin : Iceland
Method of Catch : Wild Caught
Scientific Name : Metanephrops thomsoni
Country of Origin : China
Method of Catch : Wild Caught
Also available in food service packaging Nutrition
Wild Caught