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Wild Caught or Farm Raised

Wild Caught or Farm Raised

Our salmon is fully traceable to your plate


ATLANTIC SALMON • We consider our Olivia-brand Norwegian salmon to be among the finest available in today’s marketplace. The Norwegians are a pioneering nation in the development
of modern aquaculture practices and are the world’s leading
producer of farmed salmon. Our sustainable, chemical-free salmon has full traceability from our farms to your plates.

PACIFIC SALMON • Fillets and portions of this premium Pacific salmon are available in a variety of pack styles and formats.
Our wild pink, chum or sockeye salmon is a great choice when value is the primary consideration.

Scientific Name : Salmo salar
Country of Origin : Norway
Method of Catch : Farm Raised
Scientific Name : Oncorhynchus nerka / Oncorhynchus keta / Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
Country of Origin : U.S.A. / China
Method of Catch : Wild Caught
Also available in food service packaging Nutrition
Wild Caught or Farm Raised